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Go for innovative, state-of-the-art design combined with excellent safety, best flight quality, high reliability and low operating costs with the single-engine, four-seater DA40 NG. The industry’s most popular single trainer aircraft and a blast to fly for private owners!


DA40 Tundra Star

Ready for every eventuality, the single-engine, four-seater DA40 Tundra Star gives you the freedom to go where you want, whenever you want, and how you want.



Ergonomically designed and fun to fly, the single-engine, two-seater DA20 far outshines its competitors. You’ll be so enthusiastic about its perfect trainer qualities that you may want more of it.


HK36 Super Dimona

For everyone who simply wants to conquer the sky. Excellent for glider training and perfect for towing, the single-engine, two-seater HK36 Super Dimona is considered unbeatably versatile, user-friendly, robust and economic.



Introducing the latest version of Diamond’s twin-engine, four-seater aircraft: faster, lighter, unprecedented performance and economy. The DA42-VI with stunning looks attracts stares wherever you taxi in and conveys your advanced pilot status. It is an excellent multi-engine trainer and a superbly capable private aircraft, matching stylish elegance with easy and efficient operation.



A top performer that takes you sky high: the ultra-modern, twin-engine, four-seater DA42 NG perfectly matches stylish elegance with easy and efficient operation.


Now available! The twin engine DA62 is the ideal synthesis of space and performance. The aircraft builds on the strengths of the world’s bestselling twin piston aircraft, the DA42, with increased performance, payload, cabin volume and utility.


DA42 MPP Guardian

Tomorrow’s mission is different than yesterdays? No problem for the twin engine, four-seater DA42 MPP GUARDIAN remote sensing platform. For a flexible and cost-efficient turnkey solution for Airborne ISR please see DO Systems.


DA42 MPP Geostar

Collect laser-scanning and photo-grammetry data during one single flight. The DA42 MPP Geostar is perfectly suited for surveying cities, land areas, critical infrastructure, glaciers or snow fields, but also for mapping damages caused through natural disasters.

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