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The D-SIM-42 flight simulation training device is an exact replica of the most modern twin engine aircraft Diamond DA42. The simulator will feature accurate aerodynamics, systems replication and complex aircraft instruments simulation including a sophisticated external visual system (EVS). The aerodynamic model is based on aircraft data and flight tests performed by test pilots from the Diamond flight test department.

Flight Dynamic Model (FDM)
The flight dynamic including the aerodynamic model, the engine, prop and gear model is based on the aircraft reference data from Diamond Aircraft Industries as well as on additional subjective flight tests with the aircraft with experienced DA42 pilots from Diamond Aircraft, Diamond Simulation and customers alike.

Computer Hardware (IT)

  • Closed computer cabinet with 5 PCs
  • One PC each for the flight simulation SW and for the IOS-SW
  • Single board computer(SBC) for the electronic control loading
  • Three PCs for the visual system with respective graphic cards
  • Three projectors (one for every channel)
  • Network hub, router and switches
  • One master switch to turn on/off the complete system
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) (option)


  • Video recording system
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Various options of generic and high end External Visual Systems with generic or high resolution databases (cf. External Visual System, EVS)
  • Convertible DA40/DA42 (on request but not before 2nd quarter 2007)

External Visual System (EVS)

  • The offer includes a three-channel external visual system (EVS) with a cylindrical screen depicting about 200° horizontally.
  • A database for worldwide training is included; high resolution airport sceneries are available on request.
  • The EVS comes with LCOS or LCD projectors fixed to specially conceived mountings.

Electronic Control Loading System (CLS)

  • The offer includes a three-axes electronic control loading system (ECL) which ensures a high degree of realism for the simulation of the control forces.

Instructor Operating Station (IOS)

  • The offer includes an IOS attached at the rear of the original cockpit and enclosed on all sides with access from the rear. If requested the IOS may also be delivered with a roof. The standard position of the workstation (with printer and two PCs) is on the right hand side but may also be switched to the left side.

Power Requirements 

  • Power Supply of 400V (three-phase electric power with 32A) with local socket and plug; a corresponding air cooling should be considered.

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