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Diamond Simulation

As aviation pioneers we are used to going beyond the expected and have taken flight training to the next level. Only Diamond Aircraft offers a complete line-up of type-specific flight training simulators. Operators and students alike benefit from economical practice time, including honing skills for emergency situations that  can be scheduled irrespective of weather conditions. Built with real avionics, high-end visuals and sophisticated instructor operating stations, our Sims increase safety, efficiency and effectiveness plus offer a cleaner, greener way to train.

The flight simulation training device is an exact replica of the most modern DA40 and DA42 aircraft. The simulator will feature accurate aerodynamics, systems replication and complex aircraft instruments simulation including a sophisticated external visual system (EVS). The aerodynamic model is based on aircraft data and flight tests performed by test pilots from the Diamond flight test department.

Flight Dynamic Model (FDM)
The flight dynamic including the aerodynamic model, the engine, prop and gear model is based on the aircraft reference data from Diamond Aircraft Industries as well as on additional subjective flight tests with the aircraft with experienced DA42 pilots from Diamond Aircraft, Diamond Simulation and customers alike.

Computer Hardware (IT)

  • Closed computer cabinet with 5 PCs
  • One PC each for the flight simulation SW and for the IOS-SW
  • Single board computer(SBC) for the electronic control loading
  • Three PCs for the visual system with respective graphic cards
  • Three projectors (one for every channel)
  • Network hub, router and switches
  • One master switch to turn on/off the complete system
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) (option)


  • Video recording system
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Various options of generic and high end External Visual Systems with generic or high resolution databases (cf. External Visual System, EVS)
  • Convertible DA40/DA42 (on request but not before 2nd quarter 2007)

External Visual System (EVS)

  • The offer includes a three-channel external visual system (EVS) with a cylindrical screen depicting about 200° horizontally.
  • A database for worldwide training is included; high resolution airport sceneries are available on request.
  • The EVS comes with LCOS or LCD projectors fixed to specially conceived mountings.

Electronic Control Loading System (CLS)

  • The offer includes a three-axes electronic control loading system (ECL) which ensures a high degree of realism for the simulation of the control forces.

Instructor Operating Station (IOS)

  • The FSTD is equipped with an IOS cabin including two 17” touch screen monitors and a laser printer. The IOS cabin is enclosed on all sides with a sliding door at the rear end. It includes a desk and book shelves at the right (standard) or left side and dimmable ceiling lights. A highly recommended option is the flight instructor workstation (FIWS) which is a small desk just behind the crew seats. It allows the instructor to operate from a position directly behind the pilots while having a good view into the cockpit and full control over the simulation. The FIWS is equipped with two touch screen monitors on swivel arms and a retractable keyboard.

IOS Software

  • The comprehensive IOS software provides the flight instructor the same capabilities as he normally would find in a full flight simulator – no more small icons, no more small buttons to click on with the mouse, but a self- explanatory touch screen system with logical system pages that can be operated intuitively.

Image Generator

  • The Diamond FSTD comes with the GLOBAL CANVAS image generator (IG). The worldwide resolution of the satellite pictures is 15m per pixel. The image generator can render terrain textures with a resolution of up to 5cm per pixel.
  • The IG features two-cloud-levels and realistic cumulus clouds. It also includes weather phenomena, such as wind (movement of windsocks), rain, snowfall, and lightning. The standard database includes worldwide satellite image coverage (15m resolution) and worldwide generic representation of airports with “hard” runways.
  • The image generator contains generic models of all airports with published IFR approaches (Jeppesen ARINC 424 database). Custom airport models can be created on request

Diamond Simulation

  • The following display solutions are available: Cylindrical Screen 200°x35° / Spherical Screen 220°x45°


D-SIM Convertable

  • Conversion Kit for DA42 and DA40. The entire instrument panel is interchangeable between the different configuration and automatic detection of the hardware will load the correspondent simulation software.
  • The configuration change can be performed within 15 min.
  • Most National Aviation Authorities will grant full credits for both single-engine and multi-engine IR training.


  • Flight Instructor Work Station for IOS cabin. This included two touch screen monitors on swivel arms and a retractable keyboard.



  •  The uninterrupted power supply protects your FSTD from occasional power surges and allows a safe shut down of the system in case of prolonged power cuts.

DSIM-DE-ICE (DA42 only)

  • The TKS anti ice system of the DA42 is fitted to the simulator which includes the original De-Ice panel and the simulation of the systems.


  • Original Garmin GFC 700 integrated in MFD or Replica of Bendix King KAP140.
  • Aural alerts and all operating modes are simulated.



  • Custom airport models can be created. This includes high resolution satellite images and exact replication of airport layout. Pricing will depend on airport size and level of detail.

Advantage through innovation


  • The FSTD is delivered with the Qualification Test Guide (QTG) containing all information required for qualification in accordance to the respective national requirements and regulations. The QTG contains several tests (objective tests, subjective and function tests) which describe the simulator’s functionalities and behaviour in detail and allow comparison of the simulator’s characteristics with the respective reference data.
  • The IOS features an Automatic QTG recording tool which allows automatic creation of test reports in pdf format.

MQTG and e-QTG

  • Our engineers will prepare the master qualification test guide including the statement of compliance section that you will submit to the national aviation authority. With the e-QTG you have access to a 1 hour self executing QTG, your recurrent is only a few clicks away.


  • We support you during the initial qualification of your FSTD with the authority.
  • During this important phase our Lead Engineer will answer all technical questions concerning subjective and objective testing, provide explanations and rectify all findings straight away.
  • Diamond FSTDs comply with regulations from EASA, FAA and all major aviation authorities worldwide.
  • Your simulator can be qualified as FTD Level 5 or Level 6 FAA 14 CFR Part 60 and as FNPT II according to EASA CS-FSTD(A).
  • We support you anytime and guide you through the necessary steps!



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