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The Diamond Training Concept

By building its own simulators, Diamond Aircraft is the only aircraft manufacturer in the world that offers a comprehensive pilot training concept.

This training concept features the following benefits:

• During their basic training on the DA40, DA42 as well as on the FSTD, student pilots stay in their familiar environment. DA40 and DA42 cockpit designs are very much the same, and the simulators for these two aircraft types feature the corresponding original cockpits. Where Diesel engines are used, both airplanes have the same power plants with almost identical control levers, instruments, and system displays.

• From the very beginning, student pilots train on aircraft equipped with a glass cockpit. When transitioning to the DA42, they will encounter the same Garmin flight deck and autopilot as they are used to.

• In case of Diesel propulsion, student pilots are confronted with jet-like engine handling from the outset:

• Single lever operation


• Power indication in percentage

• Engine shutdown and restart in flight

• Low operating and maintenance costs

All these circumstances are ideal prerequisites for a fast and smooth transition to jet aircraft. Furthermore, the operation of Diamond aircraft with Diesel and Jet A1 fuel is economically reasonable.

The Diamond training package implies training on simulators (FSTDs) tailored to Diamond aircraft. Here, it is important to mention that a large part of MPL basic training takes place in the simulator. At its time, Diamond Simulation carried out the first successful MPL Phase 2 test run worldwide in cooperation with the Airline Academy of Australia and Boeing/Alteon in Brisbane.


Due to the rapid development of computer technology (ever faster computation speeds, larger memory capacities and enhanced graphics cards), Diamond Simulation is able to offer FSTDs at competitive prices, although these devices attain almost the same degree of realism as Full Flight Simulators.

Depending upon training targets and qualification levels, up to 40 Credits can be logged on Diamond simulators. Of course, FSTDs can also be used to gain flying experience and to conduct check flights.

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