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Diamond Aircraft DA42

Diamond DA42-VI

Elegant. Efficient. Superior power. Outstanding performance. Impressive long-range cruising capability. These are only some of the attributes that describes our new DA42-VI. The DA42-VI combines generous refinement with Diamond Aircraft’s characteristic quality and sophistication. Well-designed with new accents such as improved exterior design, the entire revision of the cowling and nacelle and a revolutionary new propeller, this aircraft exceeds your expectations.

Advantage through innovation

The weight saving program can serve as a unique and distinctive milestone in the history of Diamond Aircraft. It is an incentive for the conscious enhancing our products and systems and helps redefine boundaries again. The goals of this development are to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs, while at  the same time improving performance such as the maximum speed. The aircraft’s extreme range, long endurance, advanced avionics and the astoundingly low fuel consumption of the Jet-A1-powered engines underline our effort to make flying more environmentally friendly.

Evolution of efficiency

The improved performance results in a 919 ft take-off distance (ground roll) and a substantially higher initial climb gradient. We also indicate a maximum climb rate of 1,800 fpm at sea level and around 1,000 ft at FL180 at a climb speed of 120 kts at minimum weight. Adding this to the extended flying range and the low fuel consumption of 40 lt/hr, the DA42-VI is a convincing aircraft. Equipped with Jet-A1-powered AE300 turbocharged common-rail injected 2.0 l diesel engines, together producing 336 HP and an EECU single lever control system, it achieves a convenient cruise speed of 175 kts, and a maximum true airspeed up to 200 kts in FL160 and above.

The improvement of our DA42-VI goes hand in hand with the development of new generations of engines by the company. For instance, the extension of the TBO (Time-Between-Overhaul) for the AE 300 series of aircraft engines from 1,000 hours up to 1,200 hours, demonstrates our commitment to innovation and the continued quality improvement of our products.

Impressive result

With the DA42-VI you will enjoy lower operating costs, lower fuel consumption (compared to previous diesel engine aircraft) with a noticeable effect on the improved performance and comfort. All-in-all, it offers everything you need to enjoy your individual flight mission.

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