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Original Hardware
The DSIM FSTD has been precisely modeled after the DA40 (AE300, Lycoming or Centurion) and the  DA42 (AE300, Lycoming or Centurion) respectively.

All DSIM FSTDs  are built with original hardware supplied by DAI so as to achieve the  most realistic cockpit environment:  aircraft-specific panel, seats, controls, pedals, throttles, etc. from the original Diamond DA40 or DA42 aircraft. Conversion between DA40 and DA42 cockpits is easily feasible

Simulation Benefits

Instructor operating station – software
With the new NG software DSIM is also implementing a newly designed Instructor Operating Station (IOS) software that will provide the Flight Instructor with same capabilities as are normally found in a full flight simulator – a self- explanatory touch screen system with logical system pages that can be worked with intuitively. The software has weather features required for the new MPL training scenarios such as windshear and microbursts (DA40).

Hardware components
Since all hardware components can be qualified up to FTD Level 6 standards (FAA 14 CFR Part 60) all Level 5 devices can easily be upgraded on request.

GFC700 autopilot
The original hardware of the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit including the Garmin GFC700 autopilot is used and integrated into the Diamond simulator.

Qualification test guide
The FSTD will be delivered with a Qualification Test Guide (QTG) containing all information required for qualification in accordance to the respective national requirements and regulations. The software is enhanced by a QTG-Test recording tool which allows automatic creation of test reports for selected tests

Flight dynamic model (FDM)
The Flight Dynamic Model (FDM) is based on aircraft reference data from Diamond Aircraft Industries as well as on additional subjective flight tests with the respective aircraft performed by experienced pilots from Diamond Aircraft Industries and Diamond Simulation.

Instructor operating station – Hardware
The IOS box is enclosed on all sides and features a rolling door at the rear end; it is equipped with a desk and book shelves on the right (standard) or left side and adjustable ceiling lights.

Work Station
A newly designed work station for the flight instructor with a desk and two (movable) touch screen monitors.

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