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Flight Training is a business.

Your aircraft are business tools. They need to meet the mission, be safe and generate the maximum margins for your business. Choosing the right aircraft for your business is a critical decision. How do you choose the right aircraft for your business when there is no single aircraft that can do “everything?” The answer is simple: go with the only manufacturer that offers a complete fleet of modern training aircraft – Diamond Aircraft. From ab-initio through IFR, Commercial, or multiengine training, Diamond has the right aircraft to match any mission.

Keeping costs down and boosting margins.

Flying is a passion. Flight training is a business. Whether you run a small FTO / ATO or a large University program, cost is a major driver. Your flight training aircraft must be safe and generate the maximum possible margin for your business. Anything less and you don’t compete.

What is the right aircraft for your business?

That depends on the type of pilot being trained, what level they are being trained to, and what the utilization will be. No single aircraft model meets all training needs. Diamond’s dedication to flight training has shaped our product line of modern fuel efficient aircraft, each with a specific training application in mind. From  PPL to ab-initio through IFR, commercial or multi-engine training, Diamond has an aircraft to match your mission. The choices you make today will define your future success. Resale Value and Track Record.

Resale Value and Track Record.

Lease, finance or purchase, the true cost of any aircraft is defined
as much by its resale value as its purchase price. Diamond’s rugged composite airframes reduce the visible wear and tear (hangar rash), are designed for easy refurbishment, have no life limit and have been proven in over 2 million flight hours and over a decade of operation worldwide. The modern, fuel efficient design will appeal for many years to come.

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