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Following aspects are considered to be the most important key product issues of all D-SIM simulators:

  • Modelled closely after the original Diamond aircraft with original hardware used to achieve the most realistic cockpit environment: aircraft specific cockpit, seats, controls, pedals, throttle, etc.
  • Software is used to replicate aircraft, communication and navigation systems.
    Original hardware of the glass cockpit Garmin G1000 with GDU1040 PFD, GDU1040/45 MFD, GMA1347 and GFC700 autopilot.
  • Representative, electrically operated three-axes control loading system for primary and secondary flight controls particularly designed and developed by Wittenstein Aerospace.
  • Furnished with an original instructor operating station (IOS) including all required functionalities such as repositioning, database selection, map page, meteorological page to program static and dynamic weather situations and a malfunctions page.
  • all D-SIM are capable to simulate malfunctions of the simulated systems.
  • all D-SIM will be delivered with requested navigation and visual databases for a defined training area.

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