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The product range of Diamond Simulation has thoroughly been chosen and developed by pilots, flight instructors, simulator and aircraft engineers, Diamond flight test pilots and customers alike. These simulators are designed for basic and advanced pilot training for instrument, navigation and procedural training; they also may be used for check flights, for screening purposes and skill tests as well as for re-validation and renewal if approved by your certifying national authority.

Diamond Simulation solely concentrates on Diamond aircraft, there are no experiments and no distraction by other types of aircraft: the focus is on our own products for which we are the specialists – Realistic and safe: Training with Diamond – Aircraft and Simulator from one Provider!

Not only that fifty or more hours of credit can be logged on a Diamond simulator: The advantages for anybody involved are obvious:

  • flexibility through a use of the simulator independent from weather conditions and time
  • efficiency through a well defined use so as to deepen, intensify or repeat a given training segment at any time and at any point of the curriculum
  • safety through harmless training of special situations and emergencies
  • economic advantages through a significant decrease of the operating cost and an excellent price-performance ratio
  • ecological advantages through a reduction of flight hours in particular of those in the airport vicinity and through a low energy consumption

Like their aircraft, simulators from Diamond do contribute to the economic success of any flight school.

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